Lifestyle photography for escorts.

Many independent escorts are constantly thinking of new ways of expressing their personality in (industry) unconventional ways and I think  that lifestyle photography is a great way of doing so. Taking things out of the bedroom – away from glamour and boudoir – does not take away sexy and alluring, rather the opposite! Clients love seeing what you look like when you are out and about as it gives them a chance to imagine what it would be like being out with you in public and fantasise about the ultimate girlfriend experience. When deciding to book you for a lunch or dinner date they also want to make sure that your style matches theirs!

I love doing lifestyle photography in London, it is such a beautiful city with endless photographic possibilities. For this kind of shoot I think it’s a great idea to shoot in a place that really vibes with you, whether it is Shoreditch, the City or Knightsbridge, we always tend to look and feel our best in our natural habitat! I like to design the shoot as a “date” with you rather than a shoot, where I follow you around doing things that you’d normally do, strolling (or rushing), shopping, picking up a coffee, having lunch and so on. My personal preference are candid “paparazzi” shots, I love the voyeur feel and I think it’s the best way to let your personality shine. Having said that I also think it’s always a good idea to combine with a few more posed/staged shots to see what works best for you and your style, it’s always good to have many options to choose from!

Please keep in mind that these photo sessions are always subject to London’s ever changing weather conditions so you will have to be a bit flexible when choosing a date! In my experience the best weather (most chance of sunlight) is to be found early mornings before noon so I prefer to start around 9-10AM.

To see more examples take a look at my lifestyle portfolio HERE. To discuss or book a shoot contact me:

Back to school!

I hope everyone has had an amazing summer! I for sure have but now I feel more than ready for things to return to normality and to go back to work. September is such an exciting time of the year, full of fresh and new possibilities and I am looking forward to shooting with new and familiar faces this fall!

I have some news I would like to share:

– New bespoke fees, by request, depending on the project. 

– I will be in NYC mid to late September. Please get in touch if you’d like to shoot with me while I am there!

A little peek into my studio.

Welcome to my new blog and into my London Glamour and Boudoir studio! I have been advised many times by people in the (web) know to add a blog to my website, everybody knows it’s for SEO purposes but I suppose an added bonus is to give my website a more personal touch. I like the idea of that, photographing people is very personal.

In a past life I used to make a living from blogging and freelance writing. (I need to add that I never wrote in English though as it’s not my first language.) Writing was my passion until I gradually hit a serious writer’s block and had to admit to myself that maybe I wasn’t that good at writing after all. I gave it a rest. This is nearly 10 years ago and it’s how I slowly found my way to photography, it’s a creative outlet that suits me much better as it’s instant storytelling and much less lonely!

I can’t promise a steady flow of blog posts but I will definitely try to give a little glance into my work every now and then. Thank you for visiting my blog and website, please check back every now and then for updates!